Psychic/Intuitive Abilities

March 7, 2018 Tilly Dunn



Writing to you what I think about these abilities takes me right out of my comfort zones because I am facing a fear by sharing this with you. For this blog, put “I believe” before each concept because these are very personal beliefs and you are meant to decide what you believe in your own time.


Each person is capable of fostering intuitive abilities, and wh . . .


February 28, 2018 Tilly Dunn


God created all the angels individually. After God created the universe, He created the angels who inhabited the earth. My understanding is that the angels inhabited the earth first and ruined it so that God had to start over again. The angels were all in heaven with eight archangels, and one (Lucifer) rebelled. God threw Lucifer out of Heaven, and a third of the angels were persuade . . .


February 21, 2018 Tilly Dunn


Dear Reader,


The brain is a reflex organ that houses the mind. It can be exercised. Sleeping is done when a brain is resting. Do you have trouble stopping the wheels from turning? Do your thoughts go on and on when you’ve been mentally overstimulated during the day?


Sleep is now my only mental issue. I still need sleep support. For six years now, I have fu . . .


February 14, 2018 Tilly Dunn


This blog will not be what you expect. Relaxation does not come easily to someone with a sick mind. A medical professional has diagnosed you with a diseased mind. After the shock and denial of this assault, are you ready for reading this blog on what I have done to improve my labelled sick mind? I am experienced. But I am not satisfied with the extent to which I can hold my mind stil . . .