Keeping Calm Despite the Storm

February 8, 2018 Tilly Dunn



Dear Reader,


Thank you for reading my blog because I value your time.  As you age, you realize that time is your most precious commodity.  Use your time wisely so that you give yourself the greatest gift of all: time.


If you find it hard to access and read all the self-help materials that are available, these blogs are for you. . . .


January 31, 2018 Tilly Dunn



Google meditation and you will have all you need to get you going. There are many mentors online who can guide you on your journey.


Truly, meditation can take you from negative thinking to positive thinking. Your pattern of thought is shaped by the environment you grew up in. While you’re growing up, you’re not likely to be aware that every child . . .


January 24, 2018 Tilly Dunn


Dear Reader,


Last week I asked you to read the blog I wrote on listening last August 2017. The blog is titled Speak Less and Listen More. I followed my own advice and just read it. Just put “listening” into the search bar, and it will take you to the blog.


What I would write about “listening” to a teenager is totally different from what I . . .

Time Management

January 17, 2018 Tilly Dunn



Dear Reader: Did time stop for you when you were diagnosed with a mental illness? Were you placed on medications that would relieve your mentally ill symptoms?


Time stopped for me and I felt embarrassed, ashamed, defeated and discouraged when I was diagnosed with the manic-depressive disorder in 1970. Today, it is called bipolar disorder and as much as people h . . .