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Writing to you what I think about these abilities takes me right out of my comfort zones because I am facing a fear by sharing this with you. For this blog, put “I believe” before each concept because these are very personal beliefs and you are meant to decide what you believe in your own time.


Each person is capable of fostering intuitive abilities, and while doing so, you may discover that you have more spiritual skills under the surface. I will go into greater detail on this in my next book, Enter Stage Right. We are each allowed to have the depth of faith that we do, but I like to go into detail on this with like-minded people only because I have been misunderstood so many times.


In the Bible, God warns us against sorcerers, magicians, occult, and dark spirits. With my multidiscipline palliative care course in the early ’90s, I was taught to keep an open mind on complementary therapies. Today, energy medicine is widely accepted in Western and Eastern cultures. The Reiki that I was taught in 1993 was used by me on my dying patients in their homes. This is the gift of an invisible hands-off positive energy channelled through me to my patient. Google “Reiki” if you have never heard of it.


Donna Eden is the world’s foremost energy medicine healer and teacher. She has just joined the Mindvalley team. She explains that there are nine systems of meridians along the body of which Reiki is just one. She is psychic because she is able to see these nine meridians. There are many psychics alive today who use their gifts for good or healing.


Jesus is the greatest psychic and healer who ever lived. Muslims have been taught that Jesus is a prophet, but there is no prophet, including Mohamed, who had the supernatural gifts and skill that Jesus had. I watched Sid Roth who is of the Jewish faith, and he had 3 prophets as guests who were prophesying what will happen in 2018. The prophets have been accurate in the past. You can Google this episode.


In the spiritual world, Satan is capable of telling us lies. Numerology and astrology are both fields where I can imagine time can disappear with a focus on having these daily readings turn into self-fulfilling prophesies. God is in charge. Make no mistake: Satan is going to Hell. He is doing all he can not to go. Therefore, make sure that your energies and thoughts are on God.


Tarot cards exist that are totally focused on worshiping God. The Heavens are studied by astronomers and astrologers, and the ones who do these studies out of a love for God are righteous. You can have many potential mentors send you their free e-books to help decide in which direction you want to go, but the most important and first book to focus on is the Bible. God is in charge. That’s why we are taught to open our eyes and ears because God uses a lot of subliminal messaging.


You can foster your intuitive/psychic abilities if God is your focus in doing so. Daily prayer and conversation with God is my mainstay. Before Neale Donald Walsch came along, I was scared stiff of ever letting anyone know that this is my reality. I love God. I do not hear voices. I have never seen anything unusual. Do not be afraid of your gifts. Mental illnesses or mental imbalances can be recovered from, but don’t even think of going on a recovery journey alone. It took me a lot of effort, reflection, and meditation. Consider yourself blessed if you have a good, open-minded psychiatrist. Not all doctors are alike.


This is my last blog for a while. I need time to finish Enter Stage Right. Thank you for reading my blogs, and I fancy being with you in spirit in the meantime.


Takeaway tip: God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He loves you unconditionally when you have declared Jesus as your saviour. Ask in your heart and mind whether God approves of what you are focusing on and go from there.











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