God created all the angels individually. After God created the universe, He created the angels who inhabited the earth. My understanding is that the angels inhabited the earth first and ruined it so that God had to start over again. The angels were all in heaven with eight archangels, and one (Lucifer) rebelled. God threw Lucifer out of Heaven, and a third of the angels were persuaded by Lucifer to follow him. This event shows us that God gave each of His angels the freedom of choice, just as God gave man the freedom of choice.


In this creative age, our imagination and fantasy has grown to imagining angels in all shapes and sizes. My favorites are the images of medieval angels painted by that day’s artists. Just as with faith, some people believe in angels and some people don’t. We are given the freedom of choice: to believe or not to believe.


I love angels. I go to sleep envisioning an angel softly touching me with silky long white feathers, protecting me spiritually. Envisioning a chorus of angels singing high above me at the same time is what helps me go to sleep as I pray. But I’m stepping out of my comfort zone by telling you this. Were we talking face to face, I would not discuss angels with you because this is a very personal topic, a very personal belief system for me. After Exit Stage Left was published, I had a reaction from the women’s prayer group I belonged to. I was judged. They have burned my fingers spiritually. I was considered weird. If anyone you know considers you weird, and tells you so, it is an unkind judgment. I would suggest that you smile and politely say goodbye. I would avoid this person. There is no point associating with people who are judgmental. These are the same people, I have discovered, who do not have an open mind. We are each allowed to have the beliefs and faiths that we do. Our only judge is God.


But on this occasion with these women, I was encouraged to go to a 10-week life learning series. I said yes and participated in a personal share time with 10 sincere members of the church—men and women. We met for 3 hours every week. Three of the women were from the prayer group. At the end of the 10 weeks, where I had been present each week, my prayer group leader privately asked me not to return. I asked if I may say goodbye to the 18 or so women with whom I had prayed every second Friday for three years. My emotions would have liked a closure with a goodbye, but the answer was no.


This was a group of women whom I had trusted with my spiritual self. Now I have stepped out of my comfort zone again to explain why I am not interested in joining another church group. More reflection on this will be shared in Enter Stage Right, with the purpose of twigging something for you. I am, instead, sharing my love for angels on this blog. God is an inclusive God. When the people you know disappoint you, rest assured that God loves you. He loves you so much that he gave His only son Jesus, to suffer a horrible, judgementally charged death, for the sake of our sins being forgiven in the name of Jesus.


We each have a Guardian angel, and I have two examples. Look and you’ll find many more for yourself.


In our city is a 75-year-old woman who was waiting for a Para Transpo (a system of small buses that take independently living challenged or handicapped people to their appointments and more). Our late afternoon temperature was, well, below freezing, and this lady was laden with several heavy reusable plastic bags of groceries. The Para Transpo just wasn’t coming, and she crossed the street to the bus station where looking for a bus became so hard that she lost it. The snow blizzard had reduced the visibility and darkness was descending. Next to her was a middle-aged Lebanese man. She said on this good news TV story that he is her guardian angel. He took out his cell phone and called for a cab to take her home. She yelled, “No, no! I don’t have the money!” And he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after it.” He carried her heavy bags and took her across the way for a coffee while they waited. He told her that his name is Aston and that he’s married with four children. When she arrived home, he phoned her to make sure she had arrived safely. This lady told the story on our 6:00 p.m. news because she never got his info and she wants to thank him.


The second guardian angel was presented on TV—a true story from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. His name is Denny Morrison. He is a Canadian Olympics champion speed skater. In 2015, he had a motorcycle accident, and a year later, he had a stroke.  A woman nearby saw what was happening and got him to the hospital immediately. She stayed with him and watched him recover. He called her his guardian angel, and they fell in love.  She said yes when he asked her to marry him, and now his guardian angel is his wife. Now they are living happily. It’s all about love. As a Canadian, I am so proud of his determination to recover. He is in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.


All my blogs are shares on what I believe. You may believe something completely different, and you are allowed. Clarify your thinking and write only on what you do believe in your own journal.


I believe that heaven is coming to Earth. There were eight Archangels until Lucifer (Satan/devil) was thrown out of Heaven and then there were seven.


Enjoy some myths and fantastical thinking. It may stretch your mind like it did mine. I love you.


Takeaway tip: Give yourself some freedom to enjoy stretching your envelope. Angels are turning from myth to reality!


Next week: Do you have psychic/intuitive abilities? Let me put in my two cents.


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