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The brain is a reflex organ that houses the mind. It can be exercised. Sleeping is done when a brain is resting. Do you have trouble stopping the wheels from turning? Do your thoughts go on and on when you’ve been mentally overstimulated during the day?


Sleep is now my only mental issue. I still need sleep support. For six years now, I have functioned well without antipsychotics, but I have not succeeded in tripping off to sleep without my sleeping pill(s). Sometimes I take one, and sometimes I need two. Whatever your mental history is, getting a good night’s sleep has to be a high priority. Your brain cannot recover without adequate sleep. Basic.


There is so much you can Google. Whatever your unique sleep issue is, you’ll find something written on it. There are explanations for acute and chronic insomnia. My insomnia is related to my bipolar disorder. Google when time permits, and educate yourself on all the information available. This info can help you ask your doctor better questions. There are so many tools available for a better night’s sleep.


There are many over-the-counter medications available for sleep support. Over the decades, I discovered by trial and error what didn’t work for me. That was before 1970 when I was diagnosed bipolar. Look at your sleep history to see what you can analyze for clarity. Insomnia is a challenge that has come down to us through the centuries.


One of my first and best tools for getting a better sleep is reducing my stimulation. That’s what Rob and I do every weekend when we “unplug” ourselves from the digital world. Our country home is by the lake, and spending time on the water in the forest is soothing to my soul. My favourite book to read is the Study Bible. There’s a reason why it is the most popular book in the world. It brings many people, as well as myself, comfort and peace.


My son and son-in-law both use CPAP machines, and I’m on a waiting list for going to a sleep lab. CPAP machines have become so often prescribed that for the first time, I’m seeing these machines advertised on television. If you have sleep apnea, receiving oxygen via this machine is a useful option.


Once you’re retired, you can have naps any time you want. That way, when a “poor” night comes along, you don’t need to panic at the prospect of risking chronic insomnia. Likely, there’s more stress in your life when sleep is an issue. Being less available online is my suggestion. It’s a very useful tool for me. Be comfortable in your own skin. Feel good about yourself. Take painful news in stride.


Isolating yourself and reflecting on negative thoughts are no-nos. In fact, you’ll sleep better when you’ve shifted in your thinking from negative to positive. This includes all (even if they’re really old ones) thoughts of un-forgiveness. They are truly “poison” to your soul. Don’t worry if at first, you don’t succeed. Try and try again with your thoughts. There are many free MP3s via the internet that can help you meditate, reflect, and soothe your mind toward a good sleep.


A good mattress with clean sheets and pillows make a great start. Were you taught, as a child, to sleep in the dark? Sleeping in total darkness is best for your brain, but if that’s not possible, you can purchase a sleep mask to help you. It is possible to teach yourself to sleep in the dark as an adult. It may take perseverance and time.


My blog number 17 talks about positivity. It goes into greater detail on how to get a good night’s sleep. Have a look at more tools from a healing mind’s perspective.


Takeaway tip: A good night’s sleep improves the quality of your life. Your focus on this good outcome is well worth it.


Next week: We each have our own guardian angel. Be wise and recruit your angel.


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