This blog will not be what you expect. Relaxation does not come easily to someone with a sick mind. A medical professional has diagnosed you with a diseased mind. After the shock and denial of this assault, are you ready for reading this blog on what I have done to improve my labelled sick mind? I am experienced. But I am not satisfied with the extent to which I can hold my mind still. After all, the one I have to satisfy on this is myself.


Before you think that this is all about me, think again. Get personal and put yourself in these words about me. Don’t be satisfied with where you are mentally. Your well-functioning, flexible brain is going to bring your dreams to fruition. There are many free e-books on successful manifesting. You can first manifest a healthy brain. Trust your psychiatrist. Trust that he/she is giving you the medication you need with the goal of good brain patterns without the crutch of medications. Work with your doctor. Insist on the amount of time you need to get to a working relationship. Your responsibility for good mental health lies with you.


Let me share more with you what I do to relax, and I encourage you to incorporate what is useful to you in your life. First, I do not deny myself the emotional range that I have. My depth of emotion is kept private. No one needs to see my highs and lows and judge me for my brain’s capacity. Thus I say to you that your depth of emotion is no one’s business but your own when you function well in your environment. My cousin died last week, and I unexpectedly burst into tears as I was doing business at the post office. A few Kleenexes and compassion were given to me, and we moved on seamlessly. Give yourself this room for showing your life’s reactions. You are allowed to be authentic, to be yourself. I rein myself in as soon as I can so that I stay as private as possible.


But I expect that you are hypervigilant like I am. Vigilance is in line with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You are allowed to be who you are, given the experiences you have had. Insist on the comforts you need so that you can relax. Rob and I “unplug” ourselves from the digital world every weekend at our country home. We spend time in the woods, in our house by the lake, where we have all the amenities except Wi-Fi. Nature is very relaxing. Watching God’s creatures is very relaxing. And writing to you is very relaxing. Give yourself time to relax. Give yourself time to unplug by being one with nature. Writing in a journal (daily if possible) also helps. God rested on the seventh day. Jews rest on Saturday. Christians rest on Sundays. Workers must discover which day of the seven is their day of rest. Other faiths can share the knowledge of what their day of rest is. We welcome you, our neighbours, into our lives.


Personally, I am very grateful that Rob allows me a lot of silence. There are also times when we listen to music or watch TV (streaming is good too). Rob allows me to be in charge of the amount of sound my brain hears.


Developing long-term relationships where you can relax without being judged is wonderful. Rob and I have been married for 49 years, and that gives both of us stability. Be drawn to people with whom you can relax. You will both benefit. I know this has been repeated by me, but look again at your relationships. Gather the emotional strength to forge new relationships when you realize you have a gap. You will reap what you sow. Be kind, and kindness will return to you.


If your history contains events and thoughts that give you pain, there are so many methods now for relief. You can use your imagination to give yourself a new history. Give yourself time for these mental exercises. This serves a dual purpose. You are teaching yourself a discipline, and you are teaching yourself an ability to change your thought patterns. With relaxation, go to where you are happy. You can do it. If I can do it, you can do it. If the challenge is great, find a focus buddy. Talk to each other through it.


Exercise increases your endorphins so that your body’s focus goes to your body rather than your brain. Endorphins lift your spirits. Exercise is thus very relaxing. Also, when the pace of your day is in synchronicity with your spirit, you relax into the rhythm. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to your spirit. Choose a career that makes you happy.


Takeaway tip: Relaxing is a state of mind. Keep faith that you will find what will relax you.


Next week: Sleep or hypnosis will be explored in detail.


I share more of my thoughts on how to get through tough times in my book, Exit Stage LeftIf you ever need someone to talk to, please reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.







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