Keeping Calm Despite the Storm




Dear Reader,


Thank you for reading my blog because I value your time.  As you age, you realize that time is your most precious commodity.  Use your time wisely so that you give yourself the greatest gift of all: time.


If you find it hard to access and read all the self-help materials that are available, these blogs are for you. They are intended to bridge the gap. Our minds are pliable and flexible when well functioning but navigating via online to improve mental health can feel like a raging storm.


Go to November 15, 2017, to read about Keeping Calm Despite the Storm.  When you’ve read that blog, you will gain more from reading this one, which focuses on the positive.


You have a choice to keep focused on either negative or positive thoughts. You’ll benefit greatly from choosing positive thoughts.  But this may be harder for you to do than just with my ‘casually’ writing this to you.  I can now write, with confidence, that I regularly have positive thought patterns because I have been able to refocus on the positive.  That’s why I can keep writing, “If I can do it, you can do it.”  If your thought patterns are confused and raging like a storm, then I expect that you have not succeeded yet in thinking positively.


The psychiatric professional that you have needs to be someone that you trust implicitly.  After all, your mind is the most precious asset you have. Yes, when your mind is sick, it becomes more important than any other part of your body. A healthy mind can take you to a utopia that you cannot imagine while your mind is sick or healing.  Give your mind the “food” that it needs by flooding it with beautiful cleansing imagery.


Surround yourself with those people with whom you resonate the most! Hold tightly onto feelings of love.  Discard any thoughts of hatred, anger, and despair.  Throw them out!


Are you resonating with people who increase or decrease your darkness?  Be honest with yourself.  Moving toward your positive place includes engaging with people who give off positive feelings—feelings of light and love. The positive place is a presence of peace, happiness, abundance, joy, sharing, companionship, and grace. This place provides placidness and encompasses feelings that are cool, breezy, bright, colourful, full, opulent, silkiness, and more.


Let no one judge you. This means that if someone says or does something that is painful to you, let it go. Say nothing in response and turn away.  Engaging in an argument serves no purpose for either party.


It is important to choose your words wisely and communicate clearly.  Once you have stepped out of your comfort zone and met someone whose energy type is like yours, you will be propelled forward.  Go ahead, meet these new people to whom you are drawn and foster new relationships.  This is so basic—a healing mind needs to focus on this basic to gain a foothold and then gain solid ground on forging a new and happier path.  Never lose faith that there are likeminded people for you.  Isolating yourself is a thing that you may not allow yourself. Hold on to a gentle discipline of self.


This takes me to the question of who this “self” is.  While your mind is healing, reflect on “who” you really are.  You can choose to be mentally healthier. What is the difference between your “soul” and your “spirit”?  Have a look at the writings of Kristine Kane and Michael Beckwith.  Their writings can help you with your self-discovery. Hold on to a gentle discipline of self.


Relax, after the storm comes a rainbow in a beautiful sky.  Let your lungs fill with more oxygen.  Go into nature where renewal is as close as the air you breathe. I love you.


It takes a concerted effort by many people to change the world for the better. On Saturday and Sunday, January 21 and 22, 2018, many people, mostly women, marched for a better world. Count yourself among the included.  Join the crowd spiritually. Hang in there. Your mental calm is coming soon. This can be done. I love you.


Takeaway tip: The storm in your mind will end and peace will fill your mind when that is the direction you take in your thinking.  Throw out all negative thoughts.


If you want to learn more, grab a copy of my book, Exit Stage Left. You may also reach out to me on my accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


Next week: Relaxation is easier said than done.  Do you know how to truly relax?




Love, Tilly

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