October 18, 2017 Tilly Dunn


“Come hell or high water” has a new meaning now. The storm surges of Hurricane Irma in Florida came after the ravages of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Then came Hurricane Maria. In Revelation, there are verses on “the sea is no more.” I never understood that. How could our oceans disappear at some time? We now have the answer. When the sea leaves Florida, when the weather turn . . .

Fighting Negative Thoughts

October 11, 2017 Tilly Dunn


Our form of thinking at this age has been taught to us during our early years. Yes, negative thinking is taught, not voluntarily learned. Once we can meditate and reason, we can decide to shift our thinking to what we discover is a better form of thinking.


But life can get in the way. Disasters may stop our positive focus and wear us down. This is what happened . . .