Gratitude II

September 27, 2017 Tilly Dunn


An attitude of gratitude is what we are all meant to foster. But how do we do that with the current events of today? We are all facing changes at warp speed, and I want to give you joy and hope. This digital platform presents my messages, and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs. Today, there are those who are passionate about the far right and those who are passi . . .


September 20, 2017 Tilly Dunn


Unless we have forgiveness in our hearts, we cannot foster gratitude. So ask yourself these questions: Do you have people in your life whose actions and words anger you? Are you dependent on these people? Are you irritated by current events? These are poisonous thoughts to your own soul. These are thoughts that can lead to depression, if you’re not already there.


. . .


September 13, 2017 Tilly Dunn


Keep smiling. Being cheerful is a skill. This blog is in two sections because I want to express thoughts on depression before going to the antidote: cheerfulness.


Recognize, during your reflections, what your mood is. Also, think on whether you are more often sad or more often cheerful. More creative and talented people are coming forward with their diagnosis of bipolar . . .

World’s Current Events on the Psyche

September 6, 2017 Tilly Dunn


This blog is for you who has been diagnosed with psychosis. Just because there is a label in your mind doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the knowledge of what is happening out there. Look for what is right, not wrong. Look for how you can personally contribute in a good way via your own circumstances. The leader of the free world is unpredictable and strong when decla . . .