July 26, 2017 Tilly Dunn

Being able to stay on a task until its completion is what focus means to me. For more than ten years, from the early nineties to November 2007, I was not able to stay focused on self-improvement books. I tried, but I couldn’t. In other words, give yourself kudos if you are able to read one blog after another on this site because you’re doing more than I could.


Do you . . .


July 19, 2017 Tilly Dunn

Have you asked yourself why self-improvement has not benefitted you? Are you having difficulty even staying focused on self-improvement? Look back on the earlier years of your life if the answer is a yes. Dysfunctional families are the norm these days rather than the exception. In order to move past the pain and trauma of your early years, you have to recall and examine them. You may need prof . . .


July 12, 2017 Tilly Dunn

When I share my thoughts on wealth with you, I am asking at the same time that you do not judge me. Observe and assess what I share, and relate what applies to your own circumstances.


Wealth is a very tricky, passionate, and sometimes painful subject for many people. I am no different. Discussing wealth means sharing financial information with trusted friends, relatives, and advis . . .


July 5, 2017 Tilly Dunn

Would you like to increase your happiness level? It’s easy. All you have to do is increase your understanding of happiness and implement the new tools. Here are some of my tips to happiness:


  1. We all know that lack of sleep at night can make us grumpy. Therefore, ensure a good sleep every night, and follow what you discover works for you.
  2. Discipline yourself . . .