June 28, 2017 Tilly Dunn

Are you a visionary? Do you have dreams? Here’s how you start: envision. Sit in your favorite chair in the house and dream of your ideal future. Have several large Bristol Boards handy and decide what you will draw on them. Use them as a visual support of your dreams. Think of a power life script that you will print on the board with the font of your liking. The length of your scrip . . .


June 14, 2017 Tilly Dunn


Discipline is at the core of good health. We are each responsible for our own optimal health. Our circumstances, when we are conceived, are determined by our genes, DNA, environment, and, for the first nine months, the choices our mother makes.


After birth, we are subject to our genes, DNA, our environment, and the choices we make. This continues throughout our . . .


June 7, 2017 Tilly Dunn


Like trust, faith is invisible. The concept of faith may be a little different for each of us: it’s personal. Depending on your past history, you either have a lot of faith or just a little. Faith is believing in a set of principles. You can have faith by believing your own thoughts.


Faith is the opposite of fear, and recent events have encouraged us to feel f . . .


June 7, 2017 Tilly Dunn


A rose by any other name is still a rose.

God by any other name is still God.

Faith by any other name is still faith.

Trust by any other name is still trust.


Was your trust broken when you were still a . . .