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Mental illness is real. The wounds may not be physical, but the pain and the suffering are there. For fifty-one years, Tilly Dunn fought against mental illness.

At six years old, she went through an upheaval, moving from Holland to Canada to live with her biological family. From being the beloved only child, she became the youngest of six siblings. It was a change that she struggled to accept for three years. From ages eleven to sixty-two, Tilly wrestled against waves of suicidal thoughts.

At a crucial time of her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (mania). In Exit Stage Left, Tilly courageously shares her battle against mental illness. She bares the gritty reality of dealing with bipolar disorder and suicidal episodes.

Through her story, Tilly hopes to reach out to others who are suffering and to encourage and educate those who want to help.

About the Author

Tilly Dunn is a survivor and a fighter. For fifty-one years, she fought against mental illness and suicidal thoughts. With professional help and the support of her family, she was able to overcome her psychosis.

Presently, she is working to help others who are battling against mental illness. Before retiring, Tilly served as a registered palliative care nurse and reiki master.

She also studied at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

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“Depression started like a small seed of doubt. At the age of six, with a two-week notice, our family was ripped apart. From being raised with unconditional love that I was accustomed to as a precious only child to being the youngest of six children in my biological family. I barely knew my older siblings or my parents. I was expected to fit in, but instead, I felt lost and alone.”

“I had PTSD at age six to nine, which was not diagnosed or addressed.”

“From toddlerhood on, music has soothed my soul.”

“My integration back into Dutch society didn’t feel right.”

“I never went dancing again.”

“I grieved at the reality of not being able to get away from myself again.”

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