Gratitude II



An attitude of gratitude is what we are all meant to foster. But how do we do that with the current events of today? We are all facing changes at warp speed, and I want to give you joy and hope. This digital platform presents my messages, and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs. Today, there are those who are passionate about the far right and those who are passionate about the far left. We are globally given the freedom to choose in most places. We are very fast becoming a global community. For that, I am very grateful. Meditate on this to see why this deserves your gratitude as well. Gratitude and love go together, and being passionate about how you feel is awesome. With that, though, comes a need for kindness and tolerance: do unto others as you would have them do unto you and you are more likely to achieve peace.


You may think I don’t transition well when I jump from one topic to another, but I want to benefit you with clarity in my message. If you’re the same in your thinking, know that you are allowed. We are meant to be unique with our thought processes. Enjoy your freedom of choice, and choose wisely. Pray for protest permits to be granted to socially acceptable groups only. I am speaking up here to say that tolerance of racial freedom, cultural freedom, and religious freedom should be highly respected by one another so that the grateful society, which is the ideal, has a chance to rise.


These blogs are for you who are depressed, who feels isolated, who has mood swings, who has fantasies, delusions, and who has suicidal thoughts. Look to your faith to sustain and nurture you. God (or whatever you conceive Him to be) loves you. Absorb that thought deep into your soul. Jesus said, “I am with you always.” This is real!


As a Reiki master, I have nurtured my spirituality, and it is my faith and my love for God that has given me the salvation I needed. I am alive today because I “listened” to the spirit—the Holy Ghost. Try it. Take the time to sit alone; think of a benevolent spirit right beside you. This may take some practice, but this is very doable. There is a zero tolerance for protests, hate, and violence in this scenario. There are so many TV shows that have sexual content and violence in them. Where is the respect for the body here? It’s a question of supply and demand. Choose to watch shows on love, healing, inclusion, mysteries, faith, discoveries, documentaries, history, travel. Let these shows on violence have their ratings drop like a stone.


Every day, look for what you are grateful for. You can turn the thoughts of your brain around, but it takes time and effort. This doesn’t happen overnight. Spend less time watching TV, and get out there. Focus on what each day presents that you can be happy about. Go ahead. Be grateful for even the littlest things. Imagine birds can fly to wherever they want to. There are no birds in war zones. Enjoy the chirping of the birds.


Look at the big picture. Now that the global sense is here, close your eyes and feel yourself as a member of this global community. On the internet, I have several emails from entrepreneurs who tell me that we are in the virtual world of the Matrix now. Well, there was no religion in the Matrix. Make having faith part of who you are. You will be grateful you did. Just soak up the spiritual support you will expand on as you give these thoughts more of your thinking space. Carpe diem: seize every day that you have been given. You owe it to yourself. How can you make the most of each day? Does it start with keeping your aches and pains to yourself? No one benefits from hearing your woes, and it lets others know that your thinking is in a rut. You’ll keep it thereby making this your focus. You see how focusing on gratitude will give you peace, hope, and love? Now is this not worth your while?


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Tilly Dunn


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