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This blog is for you who has been diagnosed with psychosis. Just because there is a label in your mind doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the knowledge of what is happening out there. Look for what is right, not wrong. Look for how you can personally contribute in a good way via your own circumstances. The leader of the free world is unpredictable and strong when declaring new policies. We are not obligated to agree with what is on the news.


Today’s example is the new policy on refusing surgery for transgender individuals in the military. These are people who do not identify with the gender they were born with. When I was growing up, eight hundred babies were born at our house. This happened between the years 1952 and 1962. Topics were brought up at our dinner table, and one day it was about babies who were born with two sex organs (some male and female parts were on the same baby). Gender identity counseling would have been necessary so that his/her gender could match their core sense of identity. At our dinner table, we brought in what the Bible said about this. The only place is Deuteronomy 22:5, which is to say, one must not wear the clothes of the other sex. Fashion has changed so drastically over the centuries that this is hardly valid today. There is no reference in the Bible to an individual’s perceived sexual identity. In biblical days, surgery for a definite sex change or confirmation of definite sex did not exist. These physical and mental changes of a perceived individual identity regarding sex evolved over the ages.


Respect and dignity must be given to every person who lives or has lived. Uncertainty of the gender you identify with goes to the core of who you are. There are many reasons for this greater prevalence today. Treat others as you would have them treat you. That suggests an attitude of kindness and compassion. When you question your sexual orientation, you are reflecting on which gender you identify with.


This is a very personal issue that takes great delicacy to move forward with. You are allowed to question. You are allowed to come to your own educated conclusions. Find like-minded friends and (sometimes) counselors you can trust. It is not difficult to communicate anymore. There are a lot of gadgets that we can use to reach others out—for example, the iPhone, which is the most used tech tool around the globe. We are moving toward being able to communicate with everyone unless the country has blocked the outside world.


Around the age of ten, I really became aware of world events. How old were you during your first exposures? Were you frustrated or angry? Or did you decide that you didn’t care? For decades, the news was all negative. Then sports and the weather became part of the news. Over the last few years, the news has changed to include a positive story. Have you watched the news on TV in other countries and noticed that the format is different from the one at home? Does the news affect your mood? Do you watch news stream?


The news that Rob, my husband, and I watched, gave a dismal picture. These were as follows:

  1. Venezuelans are dying, trying to vote in a just government.
  2. There’s a famine across a drought-stricken swath of Central Africa.
  3. The Civil War in Yemen has destroyed the health infrastructure, and the old and young are dying from starvation and cholera.
  4. Fires are raging in the drought-stricken regions of the American and Canadian West.
  5. Deadly monsoons rain across Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.
  6. An earthquake killed many in southern China.
  7. Fires are raging in Southern France, Portugal, and Spain.
  8. ISIS committing horrible mass killings and atrocities that don’t even make it to the news. Their women and children want to be taken back to their homeland.
  9. Muslims are killing Christians, and Sharia law is being promoted where possible.
  10. Never in history has there been as many displaced people as there are today.
  11. The medical community fears the weakened antibiotic drugs prescribed for diseases; resistant bugs are increasing in strength and adaptation.
  12. The polar ice caps are melting at record rates.


However, there are also good news stories, such as the following:


  1. The internet allows information to flow at unprecedented speeds.
  2. We are becoming a global community at an accelerating rate.
  3. More leaders are held accountable.
  4. New species are found in the depth of the oceans with newer, advanced equipment.
  5. We have a population of 7.5 billion, and new health care discoveries are giving more people a longer, better quality life.
  6. There is a 0 percent tolerance for unacceptable behavior, and this mantra is spreading.
  7. More mentors are coming online; they are giving their knowledge and motivation free so that more people are educated to the reality we can all have a positive influence on.
  8. Faith is growing worldwide.
  9. Solutions are being invented at a record pace.
  10. A new gene therapy discovery is carefully being monitored that has the potential of eradicating one thousand deadly diseases, but this has the potential of being misused toward designer babies. England is leading the world in treating this advancement with kid gloves.
  11. Seventy companies are doing research and development on cars that do not require the internal combustion engine. Companies are motivated to have clean car technology exist for all new cars in production by 2040. Excuse me? Did someone say no global warming exists? Is this not the biggest proof in the pudding? No more city smog is what we have to look forward to! Gentler weather is what we have to look forward to. Hello! Are you excited yet?


Takeaway tip: The big picture is marvelous. Hold on to that feeling!


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