Discipline is at the core of good health. We are each responsible for our own optimal health. Our circumstances, when we are conceived, are determined by our genes, DNA, environment, and, for the first nine months, the choices our mother makes.


After birth, we are subject to our genes, DNA, our environment, and the choices we make. This continues throughout our lives. The doctors our parents choose for us and the doctors we choose for ourselves can make or break us. Never lose hope. The buck stops with you, not with the doctor. Whatever condition or ailment you have can now be investigated extensively by you. By now, all doctors need to be comfortable in forming a team approach with each of their patients. You may know more about your condition than your doctor because of your extensive research. Make a hard copy and give this to your doctor after asking if they’d require one.


Remember, when there isn’t a good vibration between you and your doctor, move on. Having doctors you resonate with is key to giving yourself the best health care. It isn’t as much about how much your doctor knows as it is about the resonance between you as team members. How you focus on making yourself physically and mentally healthy is your decision.


It starts with mouth care. How good is your mouth care? You know that your mouth health directly relates to your heart health. The better your teeth and gums are, the better your heart is.


Moderation is the next key. We are what we eat and drink. Personally, I eat pure dense foods with multimicronutrients. These are delivered to my door, and I cannot give you the name of the company for compliancy reasons. But I love these foods and have been on them since April 30, 2012. My health improved dramatically with this change of diet.


Do not eat soya products. Humans are not meant to eat soya. I may not be a nutritionist or a scientist, but I am a retired palliative care nurse—and I am imperfect, so forgive me if you prove me wrong. It is my intention to give you accurate information. Your time is as valuable as mine. If you want a life of best quality, it is your responsibility given the building blocks you start with, to discipline yourself with moderation toward the goals that you set out to do.


Another key is education. Educate yourself, as I mentioned earlier, on the things that benefit you personally the most. Be careful with your time. It is finite. Your mind is the most important part of your body to move you in the direction you choose to go. You can control it. You can improve it. You can choose the thoughts you allow yourself to meditate on. Over time, if you have had a restless mind, or if you have had an impatient one, you will discover the sense of peace that you can congratulate yourself with today. Personally, I praise and thank the Lord for the peace that I can sense today. This did not come overnight. I worked for it. And I was never alone. Think on this.


Look at all the freedom you have! I am assuming that you are an adult reading this. Think carefully about what you want to focus on. What do you want to spend your time on?


Do this: sit on your favorite chair alone at home and think, Do I have peace or do I want it? Did you know that “peace” is the same as “being stress-free”? Do you want a stress-free life? If I can do it, trust me, you can do it. You can even start by reading these simple blogs of mine over and over again to allow the lessons sink in.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What goes around comes around. Be kind to others and you will receive kindness tenfold. How this works is just amazing! Be tolerant, especially on the road. Be a defensive driver. There are drivers out there who are not worth my attention, and so be it. There. These are just some actions you can do.


In your daily work, you will notice that we all have our own rhythm. Insist on being and staying in your own rhythm, and you and those around you will end up being more productive—all of you. It’s called teamwork. Isn’t this simple?


Now another key is not to complain. Specifically here, I am talking about not complaining over pain. The older we get, the more we ache. It is time-consuming to hear or even focus on hurting. Therefore, leave pain out of your vocabulary. Go to the point of saying “I’m fine” in the journey toward getting the job done. Medications are available and were invented for our pleasure or relief, so give yourself comfort when called for. Take the advice others give you and follow your own path after looking at all the options. Share with your doctor all that you are doing. Your transparency allows you to receive the best care possible. Follow the doctor’s orders and when you are led not to do so, don’t be afraid to discuss with your doctor why. You are a team with the same goal in mind: a healthy body and mind.


PS: The most powerful muscle to exercise and improve for your health is called the hip flexor. Exercising your hip flexor muscles will fast-track you to an improved libido which we are meant to enjoy throughout our lives with one partner. This is a free gift that will give us glorious pleasure when respected and honed mentally and physically. Your work here is directly rewarded. How about that?


Takeaway tip: You are the creator of your future. Discipline and focus determine your health within the parameters of your genes, your environment, and the food you eat.


Next week, the topic will be success. What would it take for you to be successful? Also feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comment section below. Send me a tweet @dunn_tilly or like my Facebook page.




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