A rose by any other name is still a rose.

God by any other name is still God.

Faith by any other name is still faith.

Trust by any other name is still trust.



Was your trust broken when you were still a child? If so, you were too young to have known what was broken. Trust is an invisible spiritual concept that acts as a pillar for who you are. I am sharing with you what I believe and have discovered. When trust is broken, a sense of mental loss and pain is all-encompassing for a child, and it is not easy for a grown-up to regain this lost trust.


Daily demonstrations of love should be kept so powerful that breaking it would be impossible. When I was younger, I realized early on that being proactive is a win-win mode that makes life much easier. My older siblings gave an impression that I was stupid for not making high grades in school. I only had two ways of seeing it: either I would be completely demoralized by their impression or I would turn it around by persevering with my own already discovered truths. I did not make my parents aware I already bore the understanding that my insights counted at that time and at my age. My presence counted. I write this because your childhood matters, and it is the likely place you have to begin mending a trust that was ever broken somewhere along the line.


I want my message to be received loud and clear. Now as a responsible adult, you can heal broken trust. You must analyze when and where your trust was lost. This is important so that you will have it in your heart to forgive the person or situation. In order to heal your broken chain of trust, you must first have the ability to forgive completely. Recognize that your thought patterns need to and can be shifted. Focusing on positive thoughts truly brightens your life. You will be rewarded for the dedicated mental work you do.


If try is in your vocabulary, work on removing it. Commit yourself to what is important to you then follow through. Don’t try; do! Saying you will try to do what you are committing to is just like saying your best focus is not a guarantee. Always be passionate about what is important to you. This will help you put depression behind you. Either you will do it or you will not. There is no wrong answer here. You are exercising your freedom of choice, but go ahead and trust yourself. Be clear on the choice you are making.

Trust is a basic emotion that comes with love and faith before we are even born. Yes, a fetus has emotions. Our minds are a precious part of us that we are learning about so fast that it is impossible to keep up. So resolve to meditate on what will enhance each one of your days, then soak up what you have concluded. Keep your pace comfortable. Discover yourself. Most importantly, you are allowed to love yourself more and more. You will be developing a confidence that will attract people to you. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Infuse your joy and happiness into every encounter. Discovering the mirror effect will add even more to your joy. Trust yourself. Trust that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. Decide on the reward to come. Trust is the opposite of fear. Having a fear-based society is no longer useful. A trusting society will come in time. Count on it and pray on it in the manner you are comfortable praying. I love God. In saying this, I am mirroring God. After all, He loved me first. Can you see how trust is an integral part of this concept?


God by any other name is still God. The forest was my place when I was a toddler. My godparents taught me that there was no need for us to go to church because we were in church all the time every day by living in the forest. I moved around in a darkened forest with ease, but this was a skill I taught myself. I moved around in the dark and slept in my bed in pitch-black darkness. The air was cool because our house had no central heating, but my bed was warm and dry. I trusted this darkness. I also trusted the surrounding forest that my godparents and I lived in. We felt safe. I was taught that we were not alone. God is always with us. God is everywhere. God is in everything, including in us.


As Christians, we are taught that through Jesus Christ, God is within us. Allah, Jesus, is within us. Give this some thought. Is God/Allah undeserving of your trust? Don’t you believe that God is in charge? I believe that God is not a meddling god. We have been given the freedom of choice, and we have also been given the freedom to live with the consequences. This means it will benefit us greatly when we behave in a manner that allows us to move forward positively. Love, trust, and faith are deeply linked to move us toward an ideal society. The marvel of this is that you are allowed to come to your own conclusions. The only judge is God/Allah.


This blog will be incorporated into my Handbook for Peace, which, together with Enter Stage Right (the sequel to Exit Stage Left), will be written before 2018. As humans, made in the image and likeness of God/Allah, we can read about our history and only prophets can prophesy our future. Read the Bible/Quran. We are allowed to honor the faith that each of us has. We are not to judge others. Only God is our judge. In this blog, I have shared with you what is very personal; I have been persecuted and ridiculed for my faith. In sharing this much, I am trusting that you will respect my beliefs.


Takeaway: Trust is an emotion that can be infinitely expanded. The more positive feedback you have, the more your sense of trust will grow.


Next week: Faith is the focus. Trust and faith go together, and I will explain why this is my belief.




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