Like trust, faith is invisible. The concept of faith may be a little different for each of us: it’s personal. Depending on your past history, you either have a lot of faith or just a little. Faith is believing in a set of principles. You can have faith by believing your own thoughts.


Faith is the opposite of fear, and recent events have encouraged us to feel fear way more often than we focus on our faith. Faith will help you out of feeling sad, out of depression. Stay aware and watch the news, but believe that your own prayer and thoughts can alter current and future events. Faith fosters your feelings of love, hope, and joy. Faith lets you hold on to a goal, to manifestations that will bring you the abundance you want to have.

The brain we have is a remarkable muscle/organ that we can influence and direct. We can choose the thoughts we allow to exist. We can choose to grow our faith. Great faith improves quality of life. I am confident in writing this because faith has very much improved my ability to fulfill my goals with my own self- improvement. There was a time when I couldn’t even read anything that suggested self-help. Having faith that you can get past the painful thoughts of today to create a bright, beautiful, and grace-abundant future is key. We are meant to be mentally healthy with ease, not to struggle with painful thoughts. Choose to let these thoughts go. Choose to have faith, hope, love, joy, happiness, and generosity instead. Be stubborn and do this for yourself. Truly, if I can do it, you can do it.


Dignity and respect for self is a starting point. Think on this daily. You deserve dignity and respect every day. Even if this has not been a part of your past, try to recall if somebody has not given you the dignity and respect you deserve. Strive to complete the actions that make it so. Whoever does not recognize your goals does not need to have their lack of awareness pointed out to them. Know what your focus is. You are working day by day with a healthy mind-set. At a certain point, you will discover that MP3s which contain subliminal messages are things you’re ready for.


Do you notice your impatience and agitation reducing and your focus improving? How did this happen? I believe it is through growing faith.


KISS: keep it simple, sweetheart. My writings to you are clear and simple. They are meant to motivate you; to help you start believing in yourself. Do not listen to those who judge you. Your only judge is God/Allah/Gaia—whatever you conceive the Supreme Being to be called.

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars” (Max Ehrmann, Desiderata). Remember to love and have faith in yourself all the way. Leave try out of the equation when setting tasks for yourself. You will either do it or you won’t. When you stay focused, you will be doing your best. Remember, God loves you just as you are.


Takeaway tip:  Without faith, it is impossible to please God.


Next week will be about health, which for me is directly related to my faith. How about you? Comment your thoughts below or send me a tweet @dunn_tilly.

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