There are practitioners of faith who believe that meditating is evil. Today we will learn it is anything but that.

I take it you’re reading this because you are looking for ways to improve your mental state. Meditation is a wonderful, effective, and powerful tool. It is my most useful way to stay connected. My mind can go backward, forward, and in-between. Don’t listen to anyone when they tell you what you can and cannot do mentally. You can improve your mind! You can heal by focusing on achieving a peaceful state of mind.


Here’s a secret: I am able to keep my mind calm by keeping myself away from sound or noise for the most part of my day. There is no music in my house or in any other place I am in unless I am with a friend who wants to listen to it. This is a healing tool for me. Experience speaks. When I was younger, until six years old, I was raised in a house in the forest. Being that toddler who grew up in the woods, I was able to sense God. Everything in the forest was a part of me. There was no dividing line. The forest was a world that made me happy. As I write this, my husband, Rob, and I are in our country home we call the cottage. The lake is before us, and the forest all around us. I can still sense God with me here more than I ever can in the city. God is my father in my faith, but you are free to put your own word or concept of Him for your spiritual companion.

Now picture this: whether you are male or female, young or old, try to imagine yourself in your favorite environment. Notice what is in front of you, beside you, and behind you. I assume you’re in a quiet place sitting on a comfortable chair. Continue to play this scene vividly in your imagination, and imagine the sounds that are part of the environment. Are you able to stay in this envisioned place? For how many minutes? Is this enough time to soothe you? Once you’re done, pat yourself on the back because you’ve already given yourself the gift of focus.


Don’t worry if your mind took you to a painful thought or memory. Tomorrow, or the next time that you can give yourself some peace, do this exercise again. As the days go by, you’ll realize the painful memory will start to feel less hurtful. Make it a point to genuinely resolve the issue you discover whenever you enter into this painful memory. You are allowed to imagine a completely different ending.

There are a lot of people who needs meditation. One example that comes to mind is Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire who was in charge of the UN forces in Rwanda during the Hutu’s genocide caused by the Tutsi in Rwanda several decades ago. This experience led him to suffer from PTSD that he still struggles with today. I imagine sitting beside him and giving him my light and love. I am sending him my healing energy. It is the energy of forgiveness. This may be his biggest issue. He has not forgiven himself. He holds himself responsible, even though he did all he could with the resources he had. The level of mental pain and frustration would have been unbearable.


The Oxford English Dictionary describes meditation as focusing one’s mind for spiritual purposes. Consider this: daily meditation allows you to commune with the Deity, the Supreme Being, however you wish to call Him. And when done daily, this becomes a good time for comfort. Your mind-set will gradually improve.


Watch relaxing YouTube videos; choose nature scenes you are drawn to. I personally love “The River” on Wilderness Safaris (www.We-Are-Wilderness.com). There are many excellent meditation coaches that you can find. I am drawn to Karl Moore and his team (www.Inspire3.com/). Karl created Zen12 (www.Zen12.com). NeuroGym (www.MyNeuroGym.com) is a wonderful online community where you can find John Assaraf or Jennifer McLean, who has healing master classes.


My personal favorite website is www.MagneticMind.life. Tyner will guide you through making an audio tape that can be played during bedtime as your children are going to sleep. He will explain to you how subliminal messaging works, how it can act as your voice when your child begins to fall asleep. Tyner brings positivity through his voice. These are affirmations of love, abundance, and harmony that will change the environment in your family. These are meditations at a whole new level. There is another large online community founded by Vishen Lakhiani that can answer your questions. You may reach them by sending an e-mail to info@mindvalleyacademy.com.

Takeaway tip: Your meditations start with thinking things through. Resolve issues that you are still dealing with before you move on to programs that you can access from the Internet. Judging, blaming, and fault-finding are thought processes that need to be extinguished. Think of forgiveness, love, tolerance, wealth, health, joy, abundance, peace, gratitude, and happiness instead. And as what Max Ehrmann said in his poem Desiderata, “Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.”


Next week, I’ll be expanding on my personal concept of love.








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